Editor-in-Chief – Francesca Salisbury
Francesca is a second year historian at Mansfield, who enjoys Veggie Percy Pigs, miniature Dachshund videos, and all things Italian history related. Having been involved with PHASER since Hilary 2017, and acting as Style Editor last Trinity, Francesca is quite literally bursting with excitement to be returning to her role as Editor-in-Chief with such a wonderful team surrounding her.

Style Editor – Gemma O’Sullivan
Hi everyone! I’m Gemma, a second year historian at Lincoln. I’ve been writing for PHASER since TT17, and I am returning this term as Style Editor. Many of my articles focused on fashion and ethics, something which is of great interest to me. Following my experience last term, I cannot wait to build upon the foundation laid in Michaelmas by continuing to upload articles written by our fantastic team of Style Contributors, while introducing some exciting new features!

Music Editor – Kathleen Farmilo
Kathleen is a second year studying Ancient and Modern History at St Anne’s. Her mum was a pretentious English student (and has the music taste to match) and her dad is Australian, so she grew up with an eclectic collection of musical influences. She blames this for her strange and unequivocal love of AC/DC. You can pretty much always find her making playlists as a form of procrastination, or buying more jumpers. She also enjoys wearing zumba, Triple J and salt and vinegar crisps.


Style Contributors

Lucy Clay
Hi! I’m Lucy, a second year Geographer at Hertford College. Believe it or not geography students can be interested in fashion too! I’m really excited to get involved with PHASER this term. I’ve always loved fashion, from my attempts to make my own clothes to my obsession with watching the Great British Sewing Bee. I’m currently obsessed with preppy looks and huge jumpers—it’s the best part about winter. At uni you’ll find me on the Park End cheese floor or drowning my essay sorrows in G&D’s. My other interests include binge watching Game of Thrones and consuming more Peanut M&Ms than you might of thought was humanly possible.

Molly Flaherty
I’m Molly Flaherty, a second year English student at LMH. As well as working as a Style Contributor for PHASER, I am currently the Design Recruiter for this year’s RAG Fashion Show. I’m passionate about a wide range of social and political issues, which influences my perspective on fashion. In particular, I have worked in the past to found a mental health committee, designed to tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness. You’ll most often find me in my spiritual home of Cellar, or fueling my caffeine/salted caramel brownie addiction in The Missing Bean.

Milly Lee
I’m Milly, a second year Modern Linguist at LMH. An aspiring Parisienne (albeit in vain), I am particularly enamoured with the Contemporary French aesthetic of Maje, Sandro and Zadig et Voltaire. I love all things classic, preppy and feminine, which exude that elusive insouciance possessed only by the likes of Jane Birkin and Jeanne Damas. I am really excited to be joining the PHASER team this term! 

Shamika Tamhane
First year Mansfield historian who loves the makeup counter at House of Fraser and Superdrug alike. Grateful for the return of crop tops, bardot necklines and hoops.  Passionate about beauty, BME issues and debates around hair removal. I’m stoked to join the PHASER team and write about style. Other things that I am opinionated about include race, feminism and contouring.

Alicia Vidal
Alicia is a second year PPEist at Mansfield College, and captains their formidable netball team, (which never struggles to get a full team for a match…) as well as sitting on the committee for the Oxford Guild Business Society. She sees herself as a real pioneer for the early noughties style, as well as designing and making her own clothes. Alicia also has a severe Radio 4 addiction, but hey, no one’s perfect.


Music Contributors

Devon Armstrong
Devon is a second year Philosophy and Theology student at Regent’s Park. Having written for Phaser during her first year as part of the live reviews team, she is keen to review a wider range of live shows that reflects her varied music taste. Having (thankfully) evolved from her indie/emo phase in secondary school, she now listens to a mixture of alternative hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul and blues. She is also an aspiring film director and loves watching plays and movies. Other interests include food, surfing and singing.

Mia Boddington
I’m Mia – I’m a second year student at Wadham, studying English and French. I was brought up on a lot of 80s music like The Clash and The Undertones but now mostly listen to artists on the ‘indie’ circuit: favourites include Alvvays and Happyness, both of which still maintain a respect for the album as a longer musical form. I’ve always loved engaging with a wide variety of musical cultures, playing pieces by Romantic composers on the piano and dancing to disco and funk in Oxford’s (less wide) variety of nightclubs.

Clara Dijkstra
Hi I’m Clara, second year History student at St Hugh’s. When not cycling back and forth between college and the RadCam, I spend most of my time searching through Oxford’s coffee houses for the one with the perfect background music. I also row (no judgement please) and can too often be found on the Bridge cheese floor (not a reflection of my taste in music I swear). I’m really excited to be a part of PHASER this term, and be able to let my inner soul/atmospheric pop/indie rock-obsessed nerd be free.

Minh Tran
Hi, my name is Minh, I’m a 3rd year visiting student from the States studying English at Exeter College for the year. I’m looking forward to writing music-related content for the website on all things rap/indie/in between. Growing up in New York City has exposed me to a rich history of rap and indie music, both past and present, and I’m hoping to contribute that experience to any content I write for PHASER. I tend to have my earbuds in at all times, which provides me with both continuous streams of music as well as an escape from social interactions. In my spare time you can catch me analysing “Soundcloud rap” as societal phenomenon, arguing for the cultural significance of Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig’s anime series Neo Yokio (starring icon Jaden Smith), and talking about the “New York underground rap scene”. 

Noah Turner
Lincoln College Biochemist. When not in the lab, you can probably find me in my room playing guitar and listening to hip hop and alternative rock. Played in a punk band in Oxford (RIP) and performed in musicals back home. Loves: The films of Wes Anderson, the novels of Irvine Welsh and the ramblings of Courtney Barnett.  Does not love: the Park End cheese floor (although often still found there).

Oliver Webb
Hi, I’m Ollie, I’m a 2nd year biochemist at LMH. I have been a music fanatic for as long as I can remember. I play three instruments in my spare time, having played in an orchestra for seven years and touring with them in Europe twice. As well as a classical music background, I have a genuine interest in the music industry and enjoy expressing my opinions about new releases, recommending up-and-coming artists and more importantly, decoding Taylor Swift’s cryptic music videos. My taste in music spans almost every genre – my Top 100 songs playlist on Spotify is a mess – so this gives me a range of topics to write about for PHASER. I am very excited to contribute to this fantastic magazine.


Social Media and Marketing

Becca Sinnott
Becca Sinnott is a second year geographer at Mansfield College who likes coffee, socialism and the Spice Girls. When her demanding schedule of eating, sleeping and watching Gilmore girls allows, Becca spends her spare time fantasising about becoming the princess of a small Eastern European country. Becca has many ambitions for the future, including earning as much money for as little work as possible in conjunction with destroying the patriarchy. She hopes that the future of fashion holds more looks like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ 2007 double denim, but fears that such an iconic moment is a once in a lifetime event.



Maria Serova
Hey! I am Maria, a first year biochemist at LMH as well as an enthusiast about all things fashion and photography. My mum being a clothing designer, I have been exposed to, and fascinated with, the world of fashion since an early age. This went hand in hand with my interest in photography, leading me to wedding and event photography, personal photoshoots, and working with a magazine. Now, fashion photography is one of my greatest passions because, I believe, there are no rules – it thus enables you to tell a story, share a vision, make powerful statements; it can be anything you want it to be. I am more than excited to be returning to the talented PHASER team for this Hilary.

Aleksandra Cywińska
Hi! I’m Ola and I’m a second-year Experimental Psychology student at St Hugh’s. I’ve been interested in photography for about 10 years now and throughout the years it has grown to become my greatest passion. I’ve done wedding photography, portrait shoots, balls and theatre plays reportages, photos from hen parties and birthday in clubs, travel photography and much more! I love the variety that photography gives as it means that you can never get bored. Plus, having something to distract you from work from time to time can never be a bad thing.

Founder – Helen Thomas

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