Editor-in-Chief – Francesca Salisbury
Francesca is a second year historian at Mansfield, who enjoys Veggie Percy Pigs, miniature Dachshund videos, and all things Italian history related. Having been involved with PHASER since Hilary 2017, Francesca is so excited to be returning to her role as Editor-in-Chief with such a wonderful team surrounding her.

Style Editor – Gemma O’Sullivan
Hi everyone! I’m Gemma, a second year historian at Lincoln. I’ve been writing for PHASER since TT17, and I am returning this term as Style Editor. Many of my articles focused on fashion and ethics, something which is of great interest to me. I cannot wait to build upon the foundation laid in Michaelmas and Hilary by continuing to upload articles written by our fantastic team of Style contributors, while introducing some exciting new features!

Music Editor – Kathleen Farmilo
Kathleen is a second year studying Ancient and Modern History at St Anne’s. Her mum was a pretentious English student (and has the music taste to match) and her dad is Australian, so she grew up with an eclectic collection of musical influences. She blames this for her strange and unequivocal love of AC/DC. You can pretty much always find her making playlists as a form of procrastination, or buying more jumpers. She also enjoys wearing zumba, Triple J and salt and vinegar crisps.


Style Contributors
 Shamika Tamhane
First year Mansfield historian who loves the makeup counter at House of Fraser and Superdrug alike. Grateful for the return of crop tops, bardot necklines and hoops.  Passionate about beauty, BME issues and debates around hair removal. I’m stoked to rejoin the PHASER team and write about style. Other things that I am opinionated about include race, feminism and contouring.

Claudia Green
A second year English student at Exeter College, interested in psychoanlysing fashion and cutting up clothes. I’m excited about PHASER’s respect for style and taking fashion seriously. I’ve low-key always been proud of a quasi-Lowry inspired shift dress I made when I was 13. if you ever want to attempt to link feminism with wide-leg trousers, I’m your girl!

Athena Ng
Hi! I’m Athena, a second year lawyer at St Anne’s. When I’m not reminiscing about the perpetual crop-top-and-shorts weather in my hometown of Malaysia or crying over readings, I’m actively surfing style influencer Instagram accounts, planning dinner parties, or stalking dates for upcoming vintage sales. I am a self-proclaimed dress-for-less enthusiast and gave rocked £15 gowns to white-tie balls. I hope to foster a dialogue with students through this section’s content and make it more about you and your needs.

MJ Diao
A visiting student from the States studying English Literature at Mansfield, who is overjoyed to be joining the PHASER team as a style contributor. My first few associations with fashion dated way back to when I would rip the covers off my mum’s Vogue magazines and hide them under my pillow. Must-haves include: denim, platforms, and anything pink. When I’m not pretending to be my work, I’m most likely to be dreaming of being in a Wes Anderson movie, muching on a cookie, or shopping online for something pink. After all, there’s no such thing as too much pink.

Syeda Maah-Noor Ali
Hello! I’m Maah-Noor, a first year English student at LMH. For me, fashion is so much more than staying on top of trends or wearing the latest styles, or even just as a form of self expression. It’s a step further because every time I get dressed in the morning I need to make sure my outfit adheres to my religious beliefs. So, I experiment. Through experimentation I come up with outfits that represent be individually yet also conform to a dress code I have been given by my faith. Other than that, I am interested in the fusion of fashion between the East and the West. I’m so excited to work with everyone at PHASER this term!


Music Contributors

Lauren Sneade
Hello, my name is Lauren Sneade. I’m a second year English student at Pembroke. For me, fashion and music have always been connected. For my 14th birthday – when I was going through my country and western phase – I got a pair of cowboy boots. They’re pretty cool but you’ll be happy to know that they don’t get much wear anymore. My dream dinner party guests would be Frank Sinatra, John Martyn, Nina Simone, Frank Ocean and Michael Eavis.

Naomi Ashford
Hi, I’m Naomi and I’m in my second year studying Experiemental Psychology at LMH. At a young age my parents pushed me to take up music lessons, replying to my initial complaining with, “you’ll thank us one day”. Of course, they were right, and now music has become an essential feature of my day-to-day life. On the walk to lectures, Bon Iver is the perfect accompany to my self-pity, while golden oldies from the likes of Burning Down the House know how to make me forget about my impending deadlines. My music taste seems to change daily by the mood, the weather, or the depth of an essay crisis, and I’m looking forward to exploring a range of genres while writing for PHASER.

Clara Dijkstra
Hi I’m Clara, second year History student at St Hugh’s. When not cycling back and forth between college and the RadCam, I spend most of my time searching through Oxford’s coffee houses for the one with the perfect background music. I also row (no judgement please) and can too often be found on the Bridge cheese floor (not a reflection of my taste in music I swear). I’m really excited to be a part of PHASER this term, and be able to let my inner soul/atmospheric pop/indie rock-obsessed nerd be free.

Caleb-Daniel Oyekanmi
Hi, I’m Caleb, a first year law student at Mansfield. I am a proud member of MCNC and I spend much of my free time adding to the M&Ms pre-game playlist. If I’m not neck-deep in a Supreme Court case you can find me listening to anything from UK Drill music to Miles Davis. Though my music taste is wide, about three-quarters of it involves some style of rapping. I’ll be reviewing older music and attempting (probably quite badly) to explain its impact on its respective genre, and I’ll also look at emerging genres and artists that you definitely shouldn’t miss. I’m excited to write for PHASR and hopefully help at least one person find something new to listen to.

Noah Turner
Lincoln College Biochemist. When not in the lab, you can probably find me in my room playing guitar and listening to hip hop and alternative rock. Played in a punk band in Oxford (RIP) and performed in musicals back home. Loves: The films of Wes Anderson, the novels of Irvine Welsh and the ramblings of Courtney Barnett.  Does not love: the Park End cheese floor (although often still found there).

Oliver Webb
Hi, I’m Ollie, I’m a second year biochemist at LMH. I have been a music fanatic for as long as I can remember. I play three instruments in my spare time, having played in an orchestra for seven years and touring with them in Europe twice. As well as a classical music background, I have a genuine interest in the music industry and enjoy expressing my opinions about new releases, recommending up-and-coming artists and more importantly, decoding Taylor Swift’s cryptic music videos. My taste in music spans almost every genre – my Top 100 songs playlist on Spotify is a mess – so this gives me a range of topics to write about for PHASER. I am very excited to continue to contribute to this fantastic magazine.

George Steijger
Hi, I’m George, a second year English student at Exeter. I’m really excited about getting involved with PHASER this term. Music has always been a huge part of my life, from playing jazz and classical music to enjoying a few tins against a techno backdrop. Hopefully I can combine my love of house, afrobeat and techno with the already fantastic content. Aside from adding to my eclectic playlists, I enjoy modernist literature and primary colours (stereotype or what?)

Niamh Calway
Hi, I’m Niamh, a third year Chinese student at St Hilda’s. Haing been brought up on a steady diet of indie, metal, rap, dub, trip hop – and everything in between – I’m aiming to bring my unashamed penchant for mid-noughties guitar music and all things grime and bashment to PHASER this term. When not endlessly trudging to St Hugh’s for lectures, I can usually be found cooking elaborate meals, covering my room in paint, or (un)ironically sneaking off to hip hop nights at PT.


Business Team

Social Media Manager – Emily Knott
I’m Emily, a second year Biomed at Lincoln, and the new Social Media Manager for PHASER. (Girls can love science and scientists can love fashion? Groundbreaking.) When it comes to style, I either dress to impress or use my ‘active wear’ for its preferred purpose of enabling me to simultaneously eat and remain comfortable. I’m really excited to be joining the PHASER team this term; I’ll be bringing you fashion videos, Pinterest style inspo, and of course keeping you up to date with all music and fashion goings-on!

Social Media Assistant – Becca Sinnott
Becca Sinnott is a second year geographer at Mansfield College who likes coffee, socialism and the Spice Girls. When her demanding schedule of eating, sleeping and watching Gilmore girls allows, Becca spends her spare time fantasising about becoming the princess of a small Eastern European country. Becca has many ambitions for the future, including earning as much money for as little work as possible in conjunction with destroying the patriarchy. She hopes that the future of fashion holds more looks like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ 2007 double denim, but fears that such an iconic moment is a once in a lifetime event.

Events Director – Juliet Garcia
Hi, my name is Juliet and I’m a second year English student at Mansfield College. I love anything floral, listening to obscure indie bands, dystopian fiction and mint tea. I can’t wait to create some really fab events for PHASER, and I’m so excited for my first term of being involved with the magazine.



Maria Serova
Hey! I am Maria, a first year biochemist at LMH as well as an enthusiast about all things fashion and photography. My mum being a clothing designer, I have been exposed to, and fascinated by, the world of fashion since an early age. This went hand in hand with my interest in photography, leading me to wedding and event photography, personal photoshoots, and working with a magazine. Now, fashion photography is one of my greatest passions because, I believe, there are no rules – it thus enables you to tell a story, share a vision, make powerful statements; it can be anything you want it to be. I am more than excited to be returning to the talented PHASER team for this Trinity.

Aleksandra Cywińska
Hi! I’m Ola and I’m a second-year Experimental Psychology student at St Hugh’s. I’ve been interested in photography for about 10 years now and throughout the years it has grown to become my greatest passion. I’ve done wedding photography, portrait shoots, balls and theatre, photos from hen parties and birthdays in clubs, travel photography and much more! I love the variety that photography gives as it means that you can never get bored. Plus, having something to distract you from work from time to time can never be a bad thing.

Founder – Helen Thomas


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