Tips to get THAT grunge eye look you’ve been seeing everywhere

You’ve seen it on the runway, the streets, and on that it-girl’s Instagram. The grungey, lived-in eye that nods to the 90s is so effortless and chic! (and back AF). How do they do it? Looks like they just haphazardly smudged a bit of something on their lids and called it a day? Read on and I’ll have you channeling your ~soft grunge~ side in no time.

1. Smudgey eyeliner

Start by prepping your eyes with a soft, smudgey pencil liner as a base. Kajal, if you will. It doesn’t have to be black or taupe brown, some warmer, more red-based and burgundy tones work well too for this look. Shiseido does a good kajal crayon that smudges out easily to create a soft haze. A pencil eyeliner with more of a gel formula also does the trick. Just scribble it on your top and bottom lashline, then blend out with your pinky or a Q-tip. Take tips from THE it girl herself Alexa Chung in her book It by Alexa Chung and tightline your upper waterline with a black kohl or pencil, then blink tightly so it transfers to your bottom waterline for an unintentional, 5 o’clock look.

2. Smoke it out with a matte brown

Take a soft, matte brown shadow of your choice and smoke out the outer third of the eye, bringing a bit into the crease. Go for a shade that matches your eyeliner, whether it’s warm toned (a mustard yellow-brown looks great and updated) or cool toned (think taupey). Blend well with a clean brush!

3. Eye gloss

Really bring the look down to earth with a smidge of eye gloss on the top lid. It’s gonna crease but that’s the point- you want it to look kind of messy and like you just don’t care! You can get this one by Butter London from Sephora, that’s specifically made for the eyes; but any clear gloss for the lips will do just as well- just make sure it’s high-shine and gives you that glass-like finish.

4. Waterproof mascara

It’s VERY important to use waterproof mascara whenever you use gloss around the eye! Otherwise it becomes a bit TOO messy. This one by Too Faced is a cult favourite for a reason, swipe on a few coats of it and you’re set!

5. Top it off with a matching lip

Finish off the look by pairing the your grunged- and glossed-up eye with a matching lip. Something in the brownish nude family, if you’re really digging that 90s look; otherwise just go for the same tone lip as your eyeshadow! This is a great cool-toned lip and this one is great to go with warmer eyes.

Voilà! You are now a soft-grunge it girl. Go strut your stuff!

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