Review of Joely's New EP

Oxford-based Joely Rendle released her newest EP, Joely on January 31st, bringing with her the perfect combination of youthful sound tinged with the weariness of experience.

Image source: Artist

Image source: Artist

Composed of six tracks with simple, straightforward titles: Desire’, ‘Mean’, ‘Fine’ and ‘I Won’t Say’, Joely’s new EP manages to convey a vibe that is both laid back and gripping at the same time, her lyrics deceptively sharp.

‘Please don’t try to figure me out/I haven’t got there yet’

Her voice is straightforward, honest and emotional, reminiscent of Norah Jones, Feist or Diana Krall. The delicate guitar melodies on the album, especially in the second half of ‘I Won’t Say’ bring to mind a female version of the Kings of Convenience.

All the tracks seem to be addressed to a similar ‘you’, Joely’s serene voice weaving through the ins and outs and frustrations of relationships, her questioning her feelings and wondering ‘when it’s right’ or thinking ‘it shouldn’t be so fine.’

The slightly confusingly named track Berlin’ is a personal favourite. The song manages to be both dreamy and quite angsty, a mix of confusion, hurt, and guilt, Joely expresses the difficulty of breaking off a relationship

‘I’m pulling off the perfect crime/But I don’t want to do the time …/Don’t break your heart on mine’

‘Tuesday’ has more of an ironic edge than the other tracks, Joely expressing another level of existential and creative frustration - she is ‘sick of waiting for inspiration, someone to write these words about… sick of this party on my own’.

This début album is an excellent addition to the world of jazzy pop, and we’re excited to see what Joely has in store next.

Link to the Joely’s EP: