Interview with Shani and Adi Jewellery

Shani and Adi, identical twins from Tel Aviv, Israel, create elegant, minimalist jewellery inspired by nature and Israeli culture. Kate Haselden interviews the designers to find out about their personal inspiration, the brand’s history and what’s next.

KH: When did you decide to create a jewellery brand together?

S&A: We always dreamed of having our own business. We were always creative since a young age, but we didn’t know which field we would practice in. When we grew older, we studied completely different fields at university. One studied Economics and the other Sociology and Anthropology. After finishing our degrees, we started to take in classes in jewellery making, and we fell in love with it. That’s when we decided to open a jewellery brand. Luckily, we were able to create an international brand that ships to all countries by making it an online brand only.

KH: You write that your design inspiration comes ‘especially from our culture’. Which aspects of Israeli culture feed into your work?

S&A: Our Judaism items are drawn from our culture. Because we live in Israel, religion is all around us. We have many items with Jewish symbols, such as the Star of David, the Hamsa (which is also drawn from Islam), and items with spiritual Hebrew sentences.

KH: Your style includes ‘antique designs’. Which historical periods do you draw inspiration from?

S&A: We have several items with antique designs that are drawn from the Biblical period, especially included our Hamsa designs and Hebrew letters.

KH: Many of your bracelet designs include inscriptions such as ‘live the moment’. Do you see a purpose in jewellery as spreading a positive message?

S&A: Definitely. We have many motivations and inspirations behind our jewellery because we believe that if you see the saying that inspires you all the time, a reminder, you will be more motivated, and full of energy and spirit.

KH: The brand also designs jewellery for men. Was that always the plan?

S&A: We started our brand with designs for women only, but pretty soon after we decided to produce jewellery for men. We saw there are not too many items for men out there that were both minimalist and affordable.

KH: What is your process when designing a new piece?

S&A: Our designs are not made as specific collections. Every time we have an idea, we create it and add it to our ship. When we think of something new, we purchase the raw materials and create a new piece.

KH: As well as religious signs, you also incorporate Equality and Pride symbols into your designs. Why have you met traditional symbolism with current concerns and movements?

S&A: We find it important to represent and promote causes that reflect us. We strongly believe in equal rights, tolerance, and coexistence.

KH: Is your use of a variety of religious symbols a way to make your collection more accessible to all people regardless of faith?

S&A: Yes. We believe in coexistence, and the right of everybody to practice any religion. We believe spirituality is very important in a person’s life, and each person seeks spirituality and meaning in different things.

Bracelet with the Dharma wheel symbol, representing Buddhism

Bracelet with the Dharma wheel symbol, representing Buddhism

KH: You often design pieces inspired by nature, using flowers, shells, and animals. Would you say your inspiration comes from the natural world?

S&A: Yes. We love to travel and be outdoors in nature. We’ve travelled to India, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand and many more places where you could witness all of nature’s glory. We were inspired by that.

KH: What can we expect from the brand in the future?

S&A: We are currently working on a stainless steel necklace collection for men and women that are inspired by Yoga. We are also working on expanding the availability of our items to stores and retailers around the world.

Shani and Adi Jewellery can be found here: website


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