Interview with Willie J Healey

Willie J Healey describes his music as ‘salty bedroom sauce’.

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, he released his first album ‘People And Their Dogs’ in 2017, followed by his EP 666 Kill in October 2018. On February 14th he played at the Bullingdon, halfway through his two week headline tour of the UK.

Image source: Artist management

Image source: Artist management

In your music videos, and on your album covers, you have a very specific, rough and ready, perhaps performed aesthetic. I'm thinking of the Lovelawn video for example, in that it's understated yet obviously staged. How would you best describe your image? and how does it relate to your sound?

I always feel like we’re making things up as we go along when it comes to the filming of my music videos - the whole idea of a music video seems funny to me. I never really take that stuff too seriously.

In October you released your new EP 666 Kill. What was the inspiration behind that project, and do you think it marked a shift from your album People and their Dogs?

I do see it as a slight shift from the feel of my first album. I purposefully set out to make the most simple recordings I could, that was my concept really, to commit to ideas without overthinking them. I think that’s why the whole thing feels so raw. I used very minimal recording techniques for the sake of just getting it done rappedo.

Image source: Artist management

Image source: Artist management

Who is the artist that has most inspired your work?

Tough... I’d say Neil Young is my all time favourite, though my last EP was heavily inspired by Elliott Smith’s Either Or album.

What was the inspiration behind your song ‘Lovelawn’?

Heartbreak! I wrote the song for my friend Joseph Bird, it was meant to be for a film he was making called Lovelawn… but the film never got made so I ended up with the track. It was his idea really, I just wrote the track around what he had told me!

What can we expect to hear from you this year - do you have another album in the works/touring?

I’ll hopefully be doing both of those things, I’m currently halfway through a two week headline tour. I’ve been working on my second album and it’s really close to being finished!

Image source: Artist management

Image source: Artist management

Who is the artist you would most like to collaborate with?

I love Sam Evian, I think he’s really special!

What is your album of choice for listening for February?

I’ve been rinsing Write In by Happyness for the past few weeks, I’d highly recommend.

And now for some background - where did you grow up? Where are you based now? And how would you describe your sound?

I grew up at the end of a runway in Oxfordshire, I’m based in Oxford, and I would decribe my sound as, salty bedroom sauce.

Link to Willie J Healey’s EP 666 Kill here.

Upcoming concert in Guildford on March 2nd.


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