Valentine's Day Playlist

Ah, Valentine’s Day - a celebration of love in all its forms.

Although you may see Valentine’s Day as a day reserved for romantic couples, candle-lit dinners, and bouquets upon bouquets, Valentine’s Day really is for everyone. This playlist really is for everyone! Yes, even you, the cold-hearted cynic!

‘Best Part’ by Daniel Cesar (feat. H.E.R.)

A modern-day classic love song for the hopeless romantics.

‘You’re the coffee that I need in the morning/You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring.’


Formerly a YouTuber known as ‘Filthy Frank’, George Miller has been reincarnated as Joji. This song off his debut album explores desire and love in much darker notes than Daniel Cesar’s ‘Best Part’.

‘Misty’ by Ella Fitzgerald

A jazz classic - what more is there to say?

‘Just Like Love’ by Perfume Genius

‘I Melt With You’ by Modern English

‘Electric Love by Børns

This hypnotic song is sweet - maybe too sweet - like burnt caramel. It’s heavy, it’s intoxicating: it smothers you in a hypnotic kind of love.

‘Drowning/You make my heart beat like the rain/Surround me/Hold me deep beneath your body weight’

‘Everything Has Its Place’ by Young Mister

‘Lover Boy’ by Phum Viphurit

A song that went viral overnight accompanied by a cute music video with a storyline akin to the classic romance movies of the late ‘90s. What isn’t there to love?

‘More Than Enough’ by Tubby Love

Freedom, love, and pure joy.

‘This is an invitation to all my people / No matter who you are, what you done, Or where you came from / Everyone is different but everyone is equal / We got the same heart, we all play a part, it's simple’

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by Joy Division

And finally, a staple in the post-punk canon for the cynics out there.


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