Shades of Blue: Five Songs For Your Fifth Week Playlist

The fifth week is an odd week. Perhaps you find yourself feeling a bit lost in the rapidity of the 8-week term, less motivated to do that task you’ve been meaning to do, or maybe just a little bit down.

Let this playlist provide you with food for reflection, energy for entertainment, or an escape from the problem sheets and essays you may have piling up. I present to you the shades of blue.

Pigeon blue

‘Long Gone’ by Phum Viphurit

Once the blues hit you, you cannot help but nostalgically remember the sunnier days of September, nor can you stop yourself from dreaming of the hours of freedom the vac will bring.

This song by Thai-born, New Zealand-raised Phum Viphurit from his album Manchild is guaranteed to induce feelings of ennui in any listener. Why not engage in some mental escapism for a few minutes?

Midnight blue

‘Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space’ by Spiritualized

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With an album cover resembling a pill box for prescription medicine, this song is perfect for those quiet and reflective moments you have as you lie alone in your room in a music-induced haze. The concurrent vocal lines which lightly waltz across a ethereal celestial scape are sure to transport you to another place - be it the excitement of freshers’ week, the calm greenery of the University parks, or the moments of laughter shared with friends in kitchens too small and too cramped.

Sky blue

‘Relax’ by VACATIONS

‘We’re stressing out, over nothing real. So tell me what it’s about, tell me what you feel’

As your work piles up and you find yourself shuffling between your bedroom and the library, VACATIONS urge you to take a moment to stop and consider the triviality of stressing and panicking. Yes, stress can be the motivation you need, but why not do your work feeling happy and excited? Why not return to that state of idealism you approached your first weeks at Oxford with?

Arctic blue

‘Talking to You’ by Izzy Bizu

A classic pop song with obvious Soul influences, Izzy Bizu’s song ‘Talking To You’ is energizing and dynamic. Listen to it on a walk to a lecture - don’t be surprised to find yourself walking with a little bounce in your step!

Oxford Blue

‘Reborn’ by Kids See Ghost

‘I'm so, I'm so reborn / I'm moving' forward / Keep moving' forward / Keep moving' forward’

From their eponymous studio album, ‘Reborn’ is the perfect song to play in the morning as you rushedly get ready for the day. Described by Andreas Hale of Billboard as the ‘spiritual successor to Cudi's 2010 song ‘Pursuit of Happiness’’, this song overflows with themes of self-agency and will power and is sure to leave you ready to take the final 3 weeks of term in your stride.


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