Here at PHASER we are delighted to announce our collaboration with designer, stylist and creative Ugo Mozie.

WARNING: This video contains flashing screens and lights. Video by Ben Darwent.

Who is Ugo Mozie?

Ugo Mozie is a self-proclaimed “fashion activist”. Throughout his years of experience in fashion - styling clients such as Justin Bieber, Céline Dion, Travis Scott and Beyoncé - Ugo has recognised the need for change. Working with PHASER is just one way in which Ugo hopes to bring this about.

“I’m currently working towards a change in the narrative in fashion when it comes to culture and how it’s expressed and perceived”, says Ugo. He is deeply passionate about African culture and energising black youths.

Photograph by Kate Haselden

Photograph by Kate Haselden


“I chose to work with PHASER magazine simply because I feel like the magazine and the team behind it really share a similar vision to what I want to do in this world. I truly believe that we have the same vision when it comes to diversity, inclusion, culture, and global awareness. So I’m honoured to be a part of the movement and help out where I can.

I hope to bring some fun, insight, some knowledge to PHASER. I hope to add to what they’re already doing and introduce some of my world to their world as well. I have a strong network of people around the world that I feel can really add to the story and add to the messages that we’re trying to send across, so I’m looking forward to the collaborations.”

What can you expect from PHASER x UGO MOZIE?

PHASER x UGO MOZIE is like nothing we have ever done before. Get ready for a totally redesigned brand, a website bursting with new content, celebrity collaborations and photoshoots styled by Ugo himself. The best is yet to come.

Photograph by Kate Haselden

Photograph by Kate Haselden