SYML: Ballads Without the Clichés

Upon the release of upbeat tune “Clean Eyes” in September of this year, SYML’s music has been a constant feature in my everyday life. 

As the solo venture of Brian Fennell (previously part of the indie band Barcelona), SYML’s music is a lesson in cultivation and craftsmanship. Although the word “SYML” means “simple” in Welsh, there is nothing straightforward about these indie pop ballads. The songs on the “In My Body” EP have a distinct melody and rhythm, but on second listen they reveal rich layers and exquisitely constructed lyrics.  

Personal favourites include “Wildfire” and “My Body”. These ballads simultaneously convey vulnerability and strength, without all the usual clichés that come with the genre. Fennell manages to reach impossible notes without soaring, keeping the songs quietly soulful, introspective and maintaining a level of fragility that is hard to come by. 

Perfect for late night walks or rainy days, SYML’s music is available on Spotify and Apple Music now. 

And check out SYML’s latest music video below.