Why Troye Sivan’s ‘Bloom’ is The Best Back to Uni Album

Troye Sivan released his latest album ‘Bloom’ at the end of August. It’s now three years after ‘Blue Neighborhood’ dropped, and not much has changed; the second track ‘My, My, My’ sounds strangely similar to ‘WILD’.

This latest album has Sivan’s trademark of managing to be both passionate and light, although ‘Bloom’ seems to have a little less teen angst and a generally more carefree vibe.

Overall this is an incredibly well-timed album release, as it accurately expresses the range of emotions felt at this point of the year, with the crushing realization that summer is over and term officially starts in less than a week.

The album starts off with ‘Seventeen’, which has the sweet tinge of the nostalgia of a summer romance, and a lazy kind of freedom. In ‘The Good Side’ a sense of wistfulness starts creeping in, with Sivan singing over acoustic guitar in the past tense about relationships ending; September draws to an end, reality interrupts the dream. This album features a few collaborations, including ‘Postcard’ featuring Australian singer-songwriter Gordi, in which the two voices delve deeper into this feeling of heartbreak over a soft piano background. In ‘Plum’, Sivan sings about feeling ‘a chill in the air and a sinking feeling’ as ‘maybe our time has come’ – possibly a bit of a pessimistic view of the start of a new year.

In ‘Dance To This’ however – standing out with an appearance from Ariana Grande – a sense of brewing anticipation is felt, with a tension underlined by the soft speedy rhythmic beat. Perhaps to remind us of the unfulfilled potential of the next few months, Sivan and Grande state ‘I don’t want to sleep tonight’, a feeling that lasts through the upbeat and dance-y ‘Lucky Strike’.

Bloom may not be a groundbreaking new direction for Troye Sivan – but it provides a way to cope with the loss of a summer and prepares us for the ups and downs to come.