Biggest Style Trends of 2018

The first month of 2018 has finally passed and has given us a great insight into the year of fashion ahead.

We began the year’s trends in October 2017 when we were presented with the upcoming styles for the next spring. Featured here were trench coats galore, designed in every style imaginable - chopped up, patchworked or embroidered - anything unconventional. Alongside the reworked beige macs, we saw sequins, jewels and dark denim. The focus for the season came at the shoulders: it’s all about the shape, size and silhouette.

For the upcoming spring/summer season, the emphasis is fluttering between fantasy and classicism as designers jump at the opportunity to show their spontaneity. We’re set to see a season of what Vogue has dubbed ‘forceful femininity’. Individualism is the key, expressed through bold new patterns and a frenzy of new and exciting materials.

To say that sequins will be a big deal this summer is an understatement. The glitter extravaganza is set to continue, as sequins add a flamboyant twist to any outfit. From the princess dress to a disco boiler suit, sequins this summer are for everyone and anyone who wants to keep their style independent and daring. Style sequins with a sweatshirt to stand out in the day, or wear them without fear at night; sequins embody elegant disco glamour.

Alongside the sophisticated sequin movement,  we have seen a burst of pastels. Although New York fashion week opted for vibrant, saturated hues, London took a softer approach to colour. Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see pastels throughout the year. The most popular of these on the runway has been pink, as shown by Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney. The pink outfits have encapsulated everything that we expect to see in 2018: broad shoulders, sequins and strong silhouettes.

But soft and gentle isn’t the main aim for this season. In 2018 we’re set to see a return to the ‘80s, with a focus on shoulder pads. Puffs and thrills with exaggerated volumes are the stars of the show, creating a bold and feminine outline. The power dressing craze is also central to the new-generation biker look - cool, confident, and ever so slightly bad. Think leather, insolence and an easy-rider spirit.

“Individualism is the key, expressed through bold new patterns and a frenzy of new and exciting materials.”

And 2018 isn’t without its more controversial fashion styles. Vogue has argued that ‘ugly’ shoes are back in fashion. Elf boots, gum boots and velcro sandals are the shoes of 2018 as designers have been showing off ugly footwear for the year ahead. “They make you laugh” said Jonathan Anderson, British designer. So if you dare, then splash out on footwear this year and wear the shoes that you’ve always been afraid to wear before. This is your year!

 Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection SOURCE:

Chanel Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection

Waterproof plastics are also a predominant and daring look for the year ahead. Plastic in various shades and styles will be everywhere over the next twelve months, perfect for the rainy British weather. The ‘90s urban vibe has been expressed in various different ways, but the most common item was the windbreaker/anorak jacket. But don’t limit yourselves just to coats: on the runway, plastics have found their way onto skirts, tops and boots.

2018 is about expressing yourself. Whether this is through new materials such as rubber or feather or new detailing like fringing or a bold floral pattern, 2018 is the year to stand out. Take the trends from the runway onto the street by daring to express your style. It’s less about trying to be feminine and more about embracing the power of your individual femininity - and this year, the bolder the better.


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