5 Albums to Get Excited About in 2018

1. Marble Skies, Django Django 

The third album from the British art-rock band, entitled Marble Skies, comes out this month. From the already released single, ‘In Your Beat’, it seems exciting. The band have moved on from the sound of their first, self-titled album (2012), which featured heavy percussion mixed with vocals and electronica. Their 2015 album, Born Under Saturn, was much more experimental. The new single looks to move on further, playing with funky, Kraftwerk-style synths, and we have high hopes for the album.

Release date: 26th January

2. Con Todo El Mundo, Khruangbin 

For a Thai funk band, Khruangbin have a surprisingly wide appeal, blending funk, soul, psychedelic and ambient influences. If the album sounds anything like the two singles Khruangbin have already released, it’s set to be an excellent follow-up to their 2015 The Universe Smiles Upon You. ‘Maria También’ is slightly rockier than the Texan three-piece’s older stuff, while ‘Friday Morning’ is a classic, chilled psychedelic song – the variety and quality of the singles suggests a vibrant new album to come.

Release date: 26th January

3. Arctic Monkeys 

After four years with no new music, the Arctic Monkeys have announced that they are finally releasing another album in 2018. We have been given no indication as to what to expect, no title or release date, so it remains to be seen whether this new album will live up to the heights of AM. Regardless, we can’t wait to hear it.

Release date: TBC

4. Courtney Barnett

Following her 2017 collaboration with Kurt Vile on Lotta Sea Lice, Barnett’s anticipated 2018 album release promises to be exciting. Coming onto the scene with 2013’s fantastic double EP A Sea of Split Peas, featuring jangly guitars and a monotone voice, Barnett moved to rockier grounds with her 2015 album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit. We haven’t been told much about the album, but the way Barnett’s music has already developed, it looks to be pretty special.

Release date: TBC

5. Little Dark Age, MGMT 

MGMT exploded in the indie music world in 2007 with their hit album Oracular Spectacular, featuring lead singles ‘Kids’ and ‘Time to Pretend’. However, they haven’t produced any new music since 2013. But the singles that have already been released for their new album Little Dark Age are pretty funky. ‘Hand it Over’ was released earlier in January, while ‘When You Die’ and ‘Little Dark Age’ came out in late 2017. The three tracks reinvent the original electronic, poppy feel MGMT had but in a new and exciting way – we’re looking forward to more.


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