Meet the Face Behind the World's Most Exclusive Lingerie

Luna Mae London is a bespoke, appointment-only, luxury lingerie brand with a hefty price tag.

A couple of weeks ago, Claudia Lambeth, the founder of Luna Mae London, came to speak at an Oxford Women in Business event. Bouncing in wearing a black silk dress and thigh-high boots, she oozed style and sophistication, an impressive feat considering that Lambeth is only 27 years old. But if there’s one word that epitomises Claudia it is ‘impressive’.

Lingerie has always fascinated Lambeth; she claims that as a teenager she bought just about every bra on the high street only to tear it apart to expose its structure and design. Although she considered going straight to design school at age 18, her parents persuaded her to secure an academic degree. While studying Law at King’s College London, Lambeth admits that her head was never really in the game. Though she went to all her lectures and was a good enough student to achieve a 2.i, during all her free time she was enrolling in courses at the London College of Fashion and interning for various fashion magazines and PR firms. She is grateful for her academic backing now, however: “Often I would hear, ‘You’re a lingerie designer, what on earth do you know about business?’ I do think that having a background in Law has definitely helped to shift that opinion.”

Lingerie has been Lambeth’s passion for as long as she can remember; and nowhere does this passion come through more clearly than in the product itself. Claudia was kind enough to bring one of her lingerie sets to the talk for the audience to view and there were several audible gasps as she unboxed beautiful bra and matching underwear. Made from premium cream silk, with hand-crafted floral appliqué in shades ranging from powder blue to navy, I think we could finally understand the extortionate price tag.

“Often I would hear, ‘You’re a lingerie designer, what on earth do you know about business?’ I do think that having a background in Law has definitely helped to shift that opinion.”

With average customer spend being around £4000, Luna Mae London is certainly not for the shallow-pocketed. Claudia herself joked about how she was yet to be able to afford her own lingerie. But she takes pride in her pricing – for her it reflects the use of the highest-quality material, British craftsmanship, a luxurious experience and, above all, a seamless fit. Luna Mae is bespoke and bespoke only. Though they opened their first retail space this month, the only off-the-rack Luna Mae products are loungewear pieces. What the shop really acts as is a hub for appointments, where Claudia herself takes all the measurements and talks through the customer’s requests in order to bring their dream underwear set to life. Claudia’s proudest achievement is that a customer has never left unhappy. She measures to such precision that every Luna Mae bra produced has fit the customer like a glove. For Lambeth fit is crucial: it is not enough for customers to leave satisfied, they should leave feeling good about themselves and their body. “If I can make a woman who might be slightly insecure or uncomfortable in her body leave an appointment feeling great – well, that’s all I can ask for.” And this is what makes Luna Mae so special – it is not just another expensive lingerie brand, it is a business that is centred around making women feel good. That’s why Lambeth is adamant that she will never compromise on her bespoke-only policy: “it takes away that individual experience”.

The face behind the world’s most expensive lingerie is no less impressive than the product itself. Unbelievably dedicated to her craft, Lambeth fought to establish herself in the luxury lingerie world. Although, in her words, it took “a lot of hard work and a bit of bullshit", this certainly paid off. With a growing clientele and a faultless customer satisfaction record, Luna Mae is set to take the luxury market by storm, with sales expected to skyrocket for the festive period. While us students may have to be satisfied gazing lustfully in the window of the newly-opened Belgravia store, at least we can revel in the fact that a powerful and confident young woman - whose ethos is making women feel good - is making waves in the world of lingerie.