Here's This Party Season’s Hottest New Top - And How You Can Make It for £2!


As party season gets underway and the invitations fly in left, right and centre, so does the pressure to assemble stand-out, on-trend outfits, and with this, of course, the financial burden of such an endeavour.

Fear not, however, because now you can get yourself the standout ‘top’ that no one else will have for approximately £2.

A few months ago I blew £20 on a gorgeous metallic halter neck, with loose, flowing material dipping into a daringly deep neckline. But however much I love the top, and however many compliments it rakes in, I was acutely aware that what I paid £20 for was effectively a piece of material the size of an A3 sheet of paper, with some chains to act as straps. So, I decided to get my money’s worth and use it as a template to make my own tops.

I amazed myself: it was actually a huge success. The top can be teamed with jeans for a night out, cigarette trousers or culottes for a party, and can be worn casually too depending on the fabric chosen. As the least crafty person ever, I can confirm that if I can make this top, so can you - and here’s how.

TIME TO MAKE: This will depend on your sewing experience; you will get much quicker the more you do. Allowing for massive knot-in-thread related disasters, it can definitely be done in an afternoon.



  • A piece of funky fabric measuring 34cm x 54 cm (one size fits all, you adjust the fit with the length of the straps)

  • A needle

  • Pins

  • Ribbon

  • Thread (I would recommend a colour that clashes with the material; it gives the top extra jazz and saves trying to find a colour that exactly matches)

All of this can be bought with the change in your pocket from your local fabric store.


  1. On the reverse side of the fabric, draw out a rectangle in the centre measuring 30cm x 50cm. There should be a 2cm border around the rectangle which will be used for hemming.

  2. Keeping the fabric reverse side up, fold up the border along the lines of rectangle, and pin it in place; this is the hem.

  3. Sew the hem - if you don’t know how to sew, there’s a wealth of how-to videos on Youtube, such as this one and this one.

  4. Don't worry if, by the time you finish, the rectangle has lost its perfectly straight sides. The nature of the top and the way it hangs makes it impossible to notice.

  5. Sew a piece of ribbon onto each corner, these will act as ties around your neck and behind your back, so adjust the length according to your fit.

  6. Tie it around yourself and TA-DAH you’ve just made your own top - now go party!


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