Review: Alexachung

Alexa Chung has become the latest model to try her hand at fashion designing, launching her own clothing line after years of anticipation.

Chung has graced the covers of fashion bibles like ELLE, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar, and has been the envy of all budding fashionistas ever since she burst onto the scene over a decade ago. Since then she’s ruled best-dressed lists, been a fashion week front-row regular, a writer, a Vogue contributor, and even had a Mulberry bag named after her. And now fashion’s favourite ‘It Girl’ has finally designed her own eponymous collection. While she has collaborated with brands before – AG Jeans, Marks & Spencer, and UGG to name a few – season one of Alexachung marks the first time the model has gone solo. Legions of fans have been copying her style for years, so it’s little wonder that her own line has been so hotly anticipated.

Chung launched her label last week at the Danish Church of Saint Katharine in Regent’s Park, with models walking down the aisle as a choir of school children sang the Beach Boys hit ‘Good Vibrations’. Very niche. Very Alexa. This wasn’t a usual fashion show, taking place separately from the traditional week, yet still managed to attract some of fashion’s big names, such as fellow designer Henry Holland. The show did, however, receive criticism for its lack of diversity; the vast majority of the models were white and all very slim.

While rumours of a potential line only emerged in the last few months, both the industry and Chung’s adoring fans have been waiting for years. Widely renowned as the queen of street style, Chung’s pre-fall collection is everything we’ve come to expect from her, but with a few twists thrown in for good measure. Based heavily on her personal style – think androgynous meets feminine, mod meets rocker – the collection is eclectic yet quintessentially Alexa. Her website describes it as “a carefully considered, alluring combination of prim, racy and rock ‘n’ roll, where frivolous party pieces interact with grown-up tailoring and classic silhouettes.” Mixing a ditsy print, frills and sequins, the line embraces nonchalant indie cool, with a nod to the ’70s like any collection bearing Chung’s name. Stand out pieces include a Bowie-esque powder blue suit, a baby pink PVC pinafore dress, and chunky knits reminiscent of Hockney. Another gem is a sweater featuring a drawing by her father when he was in college, making it clear this collection is highly personal.

The line is undoubtedly Alexa’s and it’s clear that she’s had a hands-on role in the brand’s image, unlike other celebrity collections whose only contributions are their names. The attention to detail shows that this wasn’t just another celebrity-endorsed collection. Alexachung really is something quite special, but given that she’s gained her following from being the everyday, cool girl, it’ll be interesting to see whether her fans are prepared the pay the big prices. A tiered garden dress is £565, a pair of patent platform clogs £370, with price tags reaching as high as £1500. Part of Chung’s appeal is that she often seen in wearable, everyday clothes, contrasting with the flamboyance of stars such as the Kardashians. So the price of her new collection is somewhat disappointing for most. Only time will tell whether this will affect the viability of her line, but it makes sense why Chung would up the cost, given that she aims to move from high street to high end. Nevertheless, season one of Alexachung is effortlessly cool and has definitely lived up to the hype.