Need-to-Know #2

A spotlight on artists we think you need to hear. N-t-K#2 is curated by Suzy Cripps and Kat Collison.



Its easy to become enamoured with Favela’s first EP unreasonably quickly. You can enjoy ‘Future Visions’ without having the acquired taste that is so necessary to navigate some parts of the genre. So what if ‘Gong’ has percussion that sounds like ear pressure readjustment? The track is perfectly driven by harp which serves to infuse it with an ambient Greco-Roman feel, ideally played at the end of the night on Mount Olympus. Characterised by lazily just-off-beat lyrics, the EP gives electronic production a more human feel. The backbone of his relatively orthodox song writing gives potential for wider appeal than some of his producing counterparts. Of course, there is a place for the sample-orphanages created by the likes of Dan Snaith (in various personas), but Favela offers something less complex but more endearing.

Location: Leeds, UK

Sounds like: Gold Panda, Mount Kimbie

Start with: ‘Future Visions’ EP (

Alex G

Alex Giannascoli, known by his stage name “Alex G”, is still reasonably elusive given his dedicated fan base. An artist truly committed to the purpose of music as a ‘creative outlet’, he writes all his music in his own bedroom, with many of his lyrics inspired by James Joyce’s: A Portrait of The Artist as a Young Man. “Bug” relies on simple, cyclic guitar melody complimented by Giannascoli’s distant, warbling vocals. With the release of his album Beach Music in 2015, Alex G appears to have established his own sound, a gritty dive into atmospheric-melodic rock, and it is delicious.

Location: Pennsylvania

Sounds Like: Moody fused chilled-out atmospheric rock.

Start With: Bug (

Mis (

 (Image by Common Spark Media)

(Image by Common Spark Media)

Josh Savage

We probably don’t need any more singer-songwriters in the world, but, perhaps we can make some room for Josh Savage. Even if you think the acoustic genre is the aural equivalent to taking a nap, Josh is undeniably enchanting. A consistently impeccable musician with stupidly flawless vocals that are perhaps his most vital instrument.  He excels to an unusual degree in the live setting of which he is a veteran at a young age. With a wealth of experience behind him, he is remarkably confident in creating a minimalistic but diverse live sound. This coupled with a laid-back, onstage persona makes him an artist who is arguably more enjoyable live. Josh clinches a place in our ‘Need to Know’ list with his most potent weapon, the French language. His most recent release is a French EP entitled ‘Quatre Épines’ (Four Thorns). The recent EP launch event showcased his versatility as an artist, able to literally captivate the crowd when performing solo as well as when accompanied by a full band, strings and brass. Undeniably one to keep an eye on.

Location: Winchester / Paris

Sounds like: Roo Panes

Check out: The visual treat of the ‘Lost in Paris’ video, feat. Bear costume

Quatre Épines (en francais):


Rae Morris

Rae Morris is relatively new to the music scene, with her debut album Unguarded being released in 2015 and getting to #9 in the UK album charts. Her electro pop, dancey-songs are undoubtedly easy listening and perhaps not that musically complex, but her earthy, tangible vocals are captivating. Having provided backing vocals for Bombay Bicycle Club’s 2014 album: So Long, See You Tomorrow Morris has established herself as a fairly versatile artist, and the harmonies between her and Lucy Rose in the title track is certainly worth a listen.

Location: Blackpool/ London

Sounds Like: Lucy Rose with a bit of an electro-kick.

Start with: Love Again (


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