Phaser is Oxford's student music & style magazine.

At PHASER we are constantly on the lookout for newsworthy stories in the world of style and music. We cover both mainstream and niche topics, and we want our content to be accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

This term we are increasing the number of uploads and introducing some really exciting new features which we hope you’ll love.

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Our team


Editor-in-Chief – Gemma O’Sullivan
Style Editors – Shamika Tamhane & Tony Wilkes
Music Editor – Clara Dijkstra

Style Contributors

Tommaso Crestani
Kate Haselden
Skye Humbert
Tilda Wood
Qifei Zou

Music Contributors

Charlotte Banks
Georgia Edgley
Desola Kazeem
Alex Kitching
Maxim Mower
Yasmin Nguyen
Diren Ozcelik
Miles Pressland
Jenny Scoones

Business Team

Social Media Director – Tasha Andrew

Former Editor-in-chiefs

Francesca Salisbury (2017-2018)


Helen Thomas