LFW Homecoming: 10 Years of Victoria Beckham

// by Emily Jones //

Far from being the first person to use the opportunities opened through a high-profile name and try their hand at fashion design, the skepticism that Victoria Beckham faced in her earlier days was not without reason.

One of her first ventures into fashion was, like countless other singers, actors, and models, to lend her name to the branding of fragrance, sunglasses, and denim designs she had little creative influence over. Although the monochrome tendencies of her style in her Spice Girls days may have been indicative towards a deeper interest in fashion, the novelty attached to being Posh Spice took a while to wear off.  There was also the penchant for donning matching suits and jackets with her husband in her days as queen of the WAG’ circuit when she launched her eponymous brand in 2008. At the time, it was easy to see why she was not best placed for being taken seriously by elitist fashion circles.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 17.30.41
Beckham’s first Vogue cover alongside her bandmates in January 1998.

But there is no denying that her brand of celebrity allowed her to take the steps to launch the eponymous brand. Yet, to make the launch was one thing, to be taken seriously as a genuine name in the fashion industry was quite another. So, what allowed Victoria Beckham to become a permanent fixture at New York Fashion Week, and most importantly to have become one of the biggest forces in fashion?

It was a steady rise to the upper echelons of the fashion world, which saw her front campaigns for Emporio Armani lingerie and Marc Jacobs, guest spot in runway shows, act as a brand ambassador, and take on the role of guest editor for French Vogues December 2013 issue. Yet, this all pales in comparison to the launch of her brand in 2008, which later went on to win Designer Brand of the year at the British Fashion Awards in both 2011 and 2014 for its polished, sophisticated designs. The first collection was no doubt Beckhams biggest achievement.

A limited edition white T- Shirt celebrating ten years of Victoria Beckham.

Although it is hardly known for abstract innovation, the brands commitment to reinventing and playing with classic silhouettes, as well as an avid attention to detail, has consistently created a line of sleek, flattering pieces. Beckham is frequently pictured wearing her own designs, both at high profile events as well as in her day to day life, demonstrating a personal commitment to ensuring that the brand is truly wearable.

For years, she has been insistent that the vision for the brand is entirely hers. Her commitment to quality, working with a small team and paying attention to detail and cut, highlights that her passion for the brand runs much deeper than her name. This dedication has paid off; in spite of hefty price tags, the designs are sellout pieces at Selfridges.

Her commitment to quality, working with a small team and paying attention to detail and cut, highlights that her passion for the brand runs much deeper than her name. 

To mark the ten year anniversary of its launch, Victoria Beckham gave her eponymous label its London Fashion Week debut, along with adorning the cover of Octobers British Vogue and releasing a limited-edition capsule collection of monogrammed jewellery and accessories. The show was one of the highlights of this season, and its widely-held anticipation amongst critics was a far cry from the doubts surrounding its launch in 2008. Today, that skepticism has all but vanished, and Beckham has proven herself to be a major creative force within the fashion industry. Her transformation from Posh Spice to fashion giant has seen a huge overhaul of her previous identity in the press and a reinvention of her creative career which few names could match.

It has lasted precisely because her brand has not been a side project. She is not a singer who merely ventured into fashion, but has been a designer all along.


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Victoria Beckham Collection



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